A Chrome extension to prevent class and variable duplication when pasting in Webflow.

Leave behind the hurdles of duplicating classes and managing disconnected variables.
Let xSync handle it for you, empowering you to focus and complete what you started.

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Loved by 1000+ Webflow enthusiast

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A few more nice things people say about xSync

Matt Evans


"It does what it says on the tin. These days I don't start any new project without xSync installed. The missing piece for when you want to build fast!"

Tim Daff


"Tested to the extreme across all Webflow frameworks, seamless hands-free usage, this is an essential resource in the modern Webflow developers toolkit"

Glenn at TheFlow


"xSync has been a game-changer for me! No more dealing with duplicate classes when copying elements between Webflow projects. It seamlessly handles conflicts and eliminates the annoyance of 'button 2' classes. Plus, the quick toggle switch makes it super easy to temporarily disable the extension. Highly recommended!"



"So simple, yet so helpful. This is a must have for any professional Webflow developer"

Web Bae


"Just gave it a shot—worked excellently! Well done"

Kenneth Yu


"Like the rest of the xAtom apps lineup, xSync is a tremendous time-saving tool that feels like a native function of Webflow."

Vignesh G


"Works very well as expected, the styles are syncing without any problem. Its a gamer changer for people are using and building Webflow libraries."

Rahul I


"xAtom shipping absolute magic! This is going to be one of those exntesions that I will not be able to lIve without. The ability to easily copy over components from one project to another without duplicating classes will save a tremendous amount of time whilst automatically maintaining the cleanliness of my sites."



"Got a chance to try it out during early beta release and I'm already excited to use this in upcoming projects. It does exactly what I need🔥"

Rafael Iribarrem


"Haven't had any issue and the extension works great! Loving it!"